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Copywriters write for a variety of businesses and industries, and they are good at explaining complex ideas in simple words. They are typically familiar with SEO and can include specific keywords in their content to get that content to rank higher on Google searches.


Copywriters create persuasive, compelling written content that’s used for marketing purposes. It’s a creative, flexible field with plenty of opportunities for growth and exploration. The key is to diversify your skillset and be open to the varying demands of the job market.

Copywriting requires a lot of research. You need to understand consumer psychology and be up to speed on the latest trends. Thorough research enables you to craft copy that’s effective and resonates with the audience.


If you’re a natural storyteller, this could be the perfect career for you. It’s all about eliciting empathy with the audience and creating engaging content that makes people want to work with you or buy your product. Copywriters often play a crucial role in increasing the visibility of a business. They may create content for social media, write blogs, or write landing pages and email sales funnels to help boost a company’s online presence.

Research Writing

Aside from having strong linguistic and creative writing skills, a good copywriter is an excellent researcher. They need to know what their audience wants, what’s important to them, and how the product or service they offer can address their needs. They also need to be able to adapt their writing style and tone for different industries, markets, and audiences.

Specialization in a particular industry or niche can significantly increase your salary potential. Focusing on writing for the healthcare or technology industry, for example, can lead to higher-paying opportunities.


Ghostwriters often have to travel and be available on short notice to meet with clients or attend events. This flexibility can be a great benefit for those with family commitments or who are looking to balance a freelance career with other responsibilities.

Whether it’s for an award or for a book, writing speeches can be a rewarding career choice. Copywriters who specialize in this type of writing often work for politicians or for public relations agencies.

DR Copywriting

Direct response copywriting is a subset of copywriting that involves writing to get the audience to take action, such as entering their email address to receive a free giveaway or clicking through a landing page to read more about a product. Copywriters who focus on this type of writing typically need to have experience with paid advertising campaigns and SEO optimization.

Many copywriters are self-employed and work independently for a variety of clients. They often need to be able to manage their own finances and schedule, which can include working nights, weekends, or holidays when necessary. They also need to be able to market themselves and attract new business. 

SEO Copywriting

They can do this by posting frequently on their personal blog, networking at industry events, or using search engine optimization (SEO) tools to drive traffic to their website. They can also join an existing copywriting agency like Pointed and gain access to a team of skilled, supportive editors and marketers.

Final Thoughts!

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